About McConway Homes

McConway Homes Ltd., truly value the opportunity to design and build homes to the highest standards.

For each development we combine our collaborative expertise, from planning, architectural and interior design, and operations, and our combined 30+ years experience in residential construction into every new build.

We redraft and revisit each house configuration numerous times until we are thoroughly satisfied we have achieved the best possible layout and floor plan to maximise space and living comfort for each home owner.

The attention to detail in the conception and arrangement of the overall development and the design of each individual home is what sets McConway Homes apart from other developers. We insist on quality from start to finish in our processes, from concept to construction so that each discerning prospective buyer can be reassured they are purchasing a first class home.

In Carrabeag we have created a development where all homes are overlooking an open space, where children can be watched playing safely. The detailed design of the elevation of each home, together with the considered landscaping and the MUGA pitch will ensure that Carrabeag will mature into a superior and timeless development in Castlebar.

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